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The Ultimate Guide To Resident Hygiene

29 Sep 2017, 3:37 PM

Every care facility will have it's own set of hygiene criteria in terms of. Here at Care Supply Store, we provide a variety of care home toiletries to ensure your residents receive only the best care during their stay.

Here's our take on care home hygiene:

Why Does Hygiene Matter?

Providing excellent resident care should be at the heart of any care facility. With many patients requiring additional help with their personal hygiene and numerous relying entirely on others, the care home environment should be a place of proper precautions and high standards. A lack of personal hygiene can unfortunately lead to a variety of health issues, such as skin conditions and even mental health problems. So what can your establishment do to ensure each and every patient has access to the right products and care?

Carer Hygiene

First and foremost, carers' hygiene is extremely important. In this environment, infections are easily spread therefore staff should be following proper procedures in order to prevent outbreaks. Staff should clean their hands regularly, especially after contact with patients and bodily fluids.

Oral Health

When the oral hygiene of a patient is ignored, a number of issues can arise such as irritability, gum pain and infections which may lead to other medical complications.

Whether a patient has dentures or natural teeth, oral care is extremely important to keep on top of. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence states that oral health should be a priority within care homes. Dentures can give off the impression that they never need cleaning or attending to but that is far from correct.

Toilet Access

Many elderly people struggle to go to the toilet themselves, whether it be due to incontinence issues or lack of mobility, therefore bathroom hygiene is critical. If a resident is not cared for in terms of incontinence, this can lead to infections and skin problems. Many residents will be issued with incontinence pads, pants and sheets whilst others may be introduced to a catheter. However those who are able and prefer to be able to use the toilet will need proper access to and from. Commodes are available in many care homes as well as on-call staff who will be ready to transport patients.

Washing and Bathing

Many care or nursing home residents will struggle with washing and bathing. The use of professional care home bathroom furniture can be make the process much easier and pleasant for all parties. Specialised equipment like shower chairs eliminate the risk of falling on slippery bathroom surfaces.

Dressing and Clothing

For the majority of people, ageing has never been an aspect to look forward to in life, however looking good is one way in which many residents thrive on to give themselves a sense of independence. Ensure that your care home has the facilities available for residents to be able to look and feel their best.

Exercising and Walking

Exercise and walking can relieve the every day pressures and worries of care home residents. For those who are perhaps bed bound or cannot walk without the help of others, a small bit of exercise is key for their health and well-being. Regular exercise and movement can help to eliminate the possibility of bed sores and other related problems.

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