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Protecting Your Care Home During Bad Weather Conditions

19 Jan 2018, 5:15 PM

Over the coming months, the Great British weather is likely to take a turn for the worst. Residents in care are vulnerable, particularly when treacherous weather conditions hit. Snow flurries, flooding and heavy winds are likely to pose a threat; potentially limiting or stopping supplies, staff and other services from reaching your establishment, so it's vital for you to be properly prepared.

We've put together a handy guide to ensure your care home is as equipt as possible in the event of severe weather conditions effecting your residents, staff and suppliers:

Update or Compile An Emergency Contact List

As well as having the contact details for the relevant emergency services, it's also a good idea to include centers, community groups and charities who may be able to help out in such an event. This may include the likes of the British Red Cross who will be able to assist with care related activities.

Build relationships with, and include local transport, haulage and agricultural companies on your list.

These types of companies will be able to assist with transport and supplies if your regular suppliers have also been affected by the weather conditions.

Have An Emergency
Kit Ready

Include all of the things you'll probably benefit from if you were to encounter a spell of treacherous weather, like:

  • A torch and additional batteries
  • Battery operated radio to calm residents
  • Salt and a shovel incase of snow and ice
  • Activities to occupy residents in the event of a powercut e.g. Playing cards, board games and colouring books

Stock Up On Essential

Ensure you have an array of emergency care supplies available. These may include:

Revise A Communications Plan

Decide how you will contact residents' family in case of a power outage. This will include ensuring that next-of-kin contact details are updated regularly, especially heading into the Winter months.

Share your emergency communications plans with family members to ensure everybody is aware of the procedure.

Make Use of Modern Technology

Fully utilise the power of modern technology by taking advantage of smart phone and social media features. Have employees download flashlight apps on their mobile phones incase of a shortage of torches during a power cut. You may also be able to use social media if you need to locate missing residents or staff members or if you require a few extra pairs of hands.

It's also important to mention that you should keep all relevant insurance and related documentation in a safe and accessible place.

Care Supply Store have all of the care essentials you'll need to stock up in case of an emergency.

Don't forget to add our number to your emergency contact list 01375 651 609!

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