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How To Take Care Of Your Residents Bedding

10 Nov 2017, 5:42 PM

How to Take care of your

Hygiene is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any care home's care package, especially when it comes to soft furnishings.

We've put together a handy guide to help you get the most out of your care home bedding and ensure you're providing the highest possible hygiene and comfort standards for your residents.

Ball Up
Your Sheets

Before washing any bed sheets it's important that you ball them up - this will help to eliminate any unwanted dirt. Wash bed linen at least once a week and keep separate to clothing and other items to avoid accumulating 'itchy bits' that may irritate residents skin.

Pillows Fluffy

Comfort should be at the forefront of your residents' rooms. You can make sure pillows are extra plumped by adding two stain-free tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet in the dryer along with your sheets on medium heat. Regularly washing your residents' pillowcases will reduce the risk of irritation and infection.

Keep ' Piling' To A Minimum

Nightwear, body hair, pets and toenails are all likely to, over time, cause 'piling'. This is where some fabric accumulates little balls made up of fibres as a result of rubbing against other materials. We understand that the problem can't be totally avoided, but you can minimise piling by rotating your sheets regularly so that your residents lay in different areas each time the sheets are replaced.

Don't Tumble Dry

Tumble drying isn't recommended because it can reduce the life of your bedding and break down the fabric. If you can, try to dry your sheets outside on a washing line, or dry flat over a radiator. If you have to use the tumble dryer, use on a gentle, low temperature and remove the bedding before it's completely dry; lay it flat, this will help with ironing.

Avoid Bleaching

Accidents happen, especially in care homes. If you find that sheets have become stained or simply could do with brightening up, add cup of lemon juice to the wash to gently remove any discolouration.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Although not always totally avoidable, where possible keep your care home bed linen out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Drying outdoors on a washing line is fine, but if your resident's bed is in line with a window, try to direct the sunlight in a different direction using blinds. If this isn't an option, a throw or runner may help to protect your bedding from fading. Always wash all items together so that any potential colour fading happens at the same rate.

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