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6 Reasons Why Carers Should Wear Care Home Uniforms

17 Aug 2017, 3:54 PM

6 Reasons Why
Carers Should Wear
Care Home Uniforms

There's often speculation as to whether or not home carers should wear traditional care home uniforms or not. Whilst we appreciate that a casual clothing approach gives the home a more relaxed feel, there are a number of benefits of choosing to wear a uniform:


Traditional care uniforms are easily customisable, making them an ideal choice for boosting corporate identity. As well as being reasonably priced, they're comfortable and durable.

Plenty of Choice
For Staff

Some care homes and establishments prefer their staff to wear a more formal healthcare tunic, but a growing number are choosing a more relaxed uniform. Healthcare tabards are becoming increasingly popular as a means of projecting professionalism, without looking unapproachable.

Quality Infection

Regardless of whether your staff wear a corporate uniform, infection control should be at the forefront of your daily practices. A healthcare tabard or tunic will not only demonstrate a positive message in regard to infection control, but when washed correctly can also dramatically reduce the risk of outbreaks.


A smart, recognisable uniform that is embroidered with a company logo will allow people to identify your staff. With a range of styles available, it may be of use to designate a colour scheme to each carer's specialism or level of seniority within the establishment. This is especially important when dealing with the elderly, disabled or vulnerable and will make staff easily identifiable when approaching a patient's home.

The Positive
Effects of Colour

Many care workers talk about the positive effect a colourful care uniform can have on patients. Basic colour psychology suggests that different colours have a direct effect on peoples' moods and attitudes. It is said that navy blue promotes a sense of loyalty, authority and trust whilst purple shades encourage feelings of nostalgia and wisdom.

Safety and

It's crucial to consider the type of footwear your staff are required to wear, for both safety and comfort reasons. There are a number of options available including lightweight crocs and slip on healthcare shoes that are adaptable to different environments.

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